SysArtist Consulting was founded in 2007 by a group of senior consultants with the aim of providing high-quality, complex services in the field of SAP consulting, for telecom, electricity- gas- district heating- and water provider clients using the SAP R/3 IS-U and IS-T modules for billing, contract accounting and other purposes, for consulting companies being active in these areas.

All of the founding members have over 15 years of SAP experience and more than 10 years of IS-U project experience, and have proven themselves in numerous successful complete IS-U launches, in a variety of key positions. They all participate actively in the project work, so as to personally guarantee the high professional standards of the work performed.

In addition to the system integration work performed in the utilities sector, we also contribute to our clients’ success with management consulting. The company also provides SAP implementation services in the banking, telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors, and has considerable logistics expertise.

SysArtist was established as a centre of professional excellence. We place great emphasis on facilitating the professional development of our employees, and consider it especially important to make the most of the opportunities inherent in teamwork. The company’s employees are all senior consultants with a successful track record in SAP consulting/development stretching back over at least eight years, and most of them also have several years of IS-U experience. This background is what guarantees our ability to serve our clients’ needs to their complete satisfaction.


Péter Gyurgyik

Péter Gyurgyik graduated in 1998 from the Engineering Faculty of Veszprém (Pannon) University, and in 2001 obtained a joint Master of Business Administration degree from Budapest Technical University and the State University of New York at Buffalo, then in 2006 he completed a course in engineering with legal studies.

He began his professional career in 1998 as an SAP consultant at Digital/Compaq/HP. Initially, he specialised in the Utility (IS-U) module, Plant Maintenance (PM) module and Workflow (WF) module. As a consultant, he had also worked on the Hungarian localisation of the IS-U module prior to its official launch. Following this he participated in complete IS-U implementation projects at several large utility companies (e.g. FŐGÁZ, DRV, Budapest Water Works, ÉGÁZ-DÉGÁZ), in a variety of areas (device and work management, settlement-invoicing-printing, customer service, energy data management, data exchange), and in the performance of major systems development/transformation and support tasks (e.g. DÉMÁSZ, TIGÁZ, FŐGÁZ, ÉGÁZ-DÉGÁZ/GDF Suez).

Since the launch of SysArtist in 2007, in addition to his account management and professional sales duties he also regularly participates personally, as a senior consultant, in day-to-day project work.

Tamás Salánki

Tamás Salánki graduated from the Electrical Engineering Faculty of Budapest Technical University in 1994.

Metro Cash & Carry stores Hungary was his first employer: he was responsible for supporting the procurement IT processes of the central purchasing department in the Hungarian headquarters in Budaörs. In 1996 he began his SAP career at the Germany based Plaut Consulting Hungary as SAP developer. Between 1997 and 2001 Tamás continued as an independent SAP consultant, and from 2001 to 2008 as a subcontractor of SAP Hungary. He has been working for SysArtist since the foundation of the company in 2007. He has gained experience in Hungary and 9 other European countries, initially in SAP core module (SD, MM, FI, CO, HR, WM, PP) implementations. Tamás has been working for the utility industry since 2002, for major clients providing electricity, gas and water, and running their services on SAP IS-U. He has participated in several successfull projects in project manager, team leader, senior functional- trainer- and technical consultant roles.

Since the establishment of SysArtist he has been responsible for business development activity, but also performs project work.

László Toronyi

László Toronyi graduated from Budapest Technical University before going on to obtain a postgraduate degree from the Budapest University of Economics.

His first employer was the National Committee for Technological Development (OMFB), in 1994, then in 1995 he joined GE. Here, employed by the GE Lighting Tungsram Plant Division, he was responsible for production management as an SAP R/3 PP, PS module administrator. The experience he gained at this time serves him well to this day, giving him an insight from the client’s perspective into implementation projects and upgrades, for example. The focus of his interest later shifted towards consulting, which is why in 1998 he contracted with Digital/Compaq/HP, where he gained consulting experience in a variety of large corporate projects. His specialist discipline during the IS-U implementations was the planning and deployment of meter-reading, settlement and billing solutions. In 2001 he participated in the first Hungarian launch of the SAP IS-U module (FŐGÁZ). Later he took part in other important IS-U implementations (e.g. DRV, Budapest Water Works, ÉGÁZ-DÉGÁZ), and collaborated in numerous development/transformation projects (TIGÁZ, FŐGÁZ, etc.).

He has been involved in SysArtist’s work since its establishment, and in 2010 became an owner/partner in the company. Alongside his duties as account manager, he also actively participates in the individual projects.

Rita Udvaros-Danhauser

Rita Udvaros-Danhauser graduated from the Budapest University of Economics, before going on to obtain a postgraduate degree from the ELTE Legal Further Training Institute, and a joint Master of Business Administration degree from Budapest Technical University and the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 2002 she received CMC (Certified Management Consultant) accreditation.

Her professional career began in 1996 at Digital/Compaq/HP, where she gained consulting experience as process manager in numerous large corporate projects, and later as technical manager in IT implementation projects. Her specialist discipline within the utilities sector was the design and implementation of invoicing and customer service systems. In 1998 she was technical manager on the first SAP IS-U module localisation project, after which she held the position of IS-U product manager. She has served as technical manager in numerous IS-U implementation projects (e.g. FŐGÁZ, DRV, Budapest Water Works, ÉGÁZ-DÉGÁZ) and development/transformation (TIGÁZ, FŐGÁZ etc.) projects. She participated as a senior business consultant in the natural gas market data exchange development project supported by the Hungarian Gas Association.

Since SysArtist’s establishment in 2007 she has been responsible for the company’s service provision activity, and also performs project work as a technical/integration project manager and business consultant.